Malawi is an independent nation of 11 million people, which gained independence from Britain in 1964.

Malawi is a hot, beautiful but very poor country – the average temperature for the year is 23oC.

The main cities are Blantyre, Zomba (South), Lilongwe (Central) and Mzuzu (North).

Inflation runs at 44.7% per year.

44 % of the population are under 14.

The infant mortality rate is 134/1000 with an under 5 mortality of 234/1000.

Most Malawians are farmers. There is little industry, and only 1 main road.

Most of the population live in small villages.

Despite the country’s poverty, most children go to primary school, and learn to read and write.

Malawi has few natural resources.

Malawi’s major exports are tobacco, sugar and tea. The major imports are fertilizers, diesel and petrol.Malawi Map